Before the remodel:

What we did on this job:


  • Removed half of the old cabinets, added some new ones and an island then re-door/drawered the existing cabinets
  • Painted the cabinets
  • Replaced the counter tops with concrete counter tops
  • Removed a wall that separated the kitchen and the dining room
  • Created a space for a pantry using the shiplap from the old wall
  • Used recycled old doors for the pantry doors
  • Added a refrigerator cabinet
  • Added floating shelves using more of the shiplap
  • Exposed and painted shiplap on all kitchen walls
  • Removed tile flooring and refinished existing hardwood flooring
  • New back splash
  • New vent hood
  • New ceiling lighting

Dining room

  • Exposed and painted shiplap on all walls
  • New ceiling lighting


  • Added a second bathroom
  • All new plumbing, electrical, framing and sheet rock
  • Tile floors
  • Tile shower
  • Glass shower door
  • Toilet
  • Lighting
  • Exposed old brick heating chimney
  • Built a flush medicine cabinet using an old door as decoration/functioning door
  • Built the vanity out of the shiplap from the old wall
  • Because of the “sit on top” sink, we were able to add a functioning top drawer